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"The manuscript saved from the KGB:" Life and destiny "by Vassili Grossman", the Russian fire

One early morning in October 1961, the men in gray of the KGB disembarked with the Soviet author Vassili Grossman.They did not come to arrest the writer, protected by his celebrity.They came to "arrest" his latest book, entitled "Life and Destiny."The manuscript, which made the Kremlin tremble, is seized and then locked up in the basements of Lubyanka, the seat of the KGB.The Soviet regime wants at all costs to prevent the release of this work which risks causing a the USSR and around the world.

Vassili Grossman writes to Nikita Khrushchev, the Soviet number one, in protest.It is Mikhail Souslov, the ex-eminent eminence of Stalin who became responsible for ideological questions at the political office of the Soviet PC, who replies: "The publication of your novel would harm not only our people and our state but all those who fight for communism, all the progressive workers of capitalist countries.Why should we add your book to the bombs that our enemies are preparing against us? Despite attempts at censorship, the bomb will explode.And Grossman's book will become famous.

It is the story of this masterpiece that captivates the excellent documentary of Arte in a captivating way.It is also the story of Vassili Grossman, a loyal, convinced, even zealous communist, who became a dissident who strongly denounced , humanity and talent a totalitarian regime as absurd as it is criminal.With the help of witnesses who have known the writer, archival images, expert opinions, the documentary, pleasantly interspersed with extracts from the work, tells the origin of this literary monument of the XXth century born in the clash of the great History and the battle of Stalingrad.

Posted Date: 2020-07-06

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