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Aurora LS


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Galaxy ® Aurora Highlights

Rorke Data's new Aurora LS combines the highest sustained performance at the lowest cost per GB in the industry. The Aurora LS was specifically designed for the video post production market targeted at giving our clients both capacity and performance of an enterprise RAID solution at a desktop price point. Integrated with today's high capacity desktop disk technology and configured with 1,2, 4, or 8 ports of 8Gbit Fibre Channel, the Aurora LS will sustain performance benchmarks of over 1000+ MB/s allowing our customers to integrate the Aurora with a wide variety of video applications.

  • 1000 + MB/s sustained transfer rate
  • Ultra-quiet 4U rackmount or tower 12 drive system
  • 10-15TB of usable storage capacity with RAID 6 protection
  • 8GB RAM with Nehalem CPU
  • Supports multiple DV, SD and uncompressed HD streams
  • Supports single stream of 2K
  • Failed drive reporting and auto-rebuild while maintaining peak data performance
  • Embedded web based GUI for monitoring status and trouble shooting
  • Supports Windows, Apple OSX, Linux and Solaris
  • Direct attached or SAN storage appliance
  • Adaptable Design – Aurora’s EOS-based RAID application can be recompiled to integrate with the latest hardware options including: HDDs, SSD, CPUs, processors and network connectivity components
  • Up to 8 8Gbit FC connections
  • RAID 6 ECC algorithms: 6X faster rebuild times than ASIC-based hardware RAID
  • OS Support: Windows, Apple OSX, Linux and Solaris
  • Network Topology: Support for 4Gbit and 8Gbit Fibre Channel
  • Workflow Support: DV, SD, HD and 2K
  • Switchless Options: Attach up to 4 workstations without the need for a FC switch
  • SAN Agnostic: Compatible with FibreJet, StorNext, MetaSAN and Xsan

Aurora’s Design and Management
The Galaxy Aurora LS comes as a 4RU RAID Storage SAN Ready Subsystem Appliance with 12 drives. Each Aurora LS supports up to 15TB of Seagate drives in field replaceable canisters. From one to eight 8Gbit FC I/O ports provide connectivity to multiple Post production work stations or SAN.

Powerful parallel processors, RAID 6 hardware-accelerated storage engine, innovative Distributed Shared Memory architecture and our patent pending EOS RAID Engine Software is the power behind Aurora LS and includes:

  • 8 Gbit FC, up to 8 ports
  • RAID 6 ECC algorithms
  • Embedded error and status monitoring systems
  • Advanced storage administration applications
  • Email error notification
  • Multi SAS / SATA drive configurations
  • Web-based GUI
  • Enterprise level backplane technologies
  • Hot Swap Drives
  • Embedded 8Gbit Fibre Channel drivers for the most OS
  • Integration with StorNext, XSAN, MetaSAN, or Commandsoft SAN Managers

Workflow Capabilities
Galaxy Aurora LS can be configured as direct attached or SAN storage in your post production or film editing facility. Aurora LS’s versatile connectivity adds unique capabilities when partnered with SAN management software. Here are just some of the major benefits:

  • High speed data sharing that dramatically boosts I/O performance and enables faster project completion
  • Galaxy Aurora LS can support 4 SAN clients without a FC switch while supporting 2K film material or multiple streams of HD material
  • Up to eight 8Gbit FC connections allows the flexability of direct connect or SAN topology while maintaining high bandwidth applications
  • Aurora LS’s Advanced EOS RAID Engine keeps high bandwidth application speeds even when degraded or when RAID is rebuilding
  • SAN Managers’ Volume Locking or Full File Locking protects concurrent read/write access by all attached clients
  • Heterogeneous data sharing amongst the broadest range of OS platforms that include Win2008, Vista, Win2003SVR, OSX, and Linux

The Galaxy Aurora LS, with its Multi-Stream HD or 2K stream performance, 1, 2 or Quad 8Gbit FC ports, EOS RAID Engine, RAID 6 protection and SAN compatibility, backed by Rorke Data’s service and support offers a new price performance point to the Post industry. With its extreme performance and simplified architecture, Galaxy Aurora LS offers the best value for your Next Generation Post Facility.



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